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Cet été fin juillet, j’ai été sélectionnée pour faire les rue de Paris plus joyeuses, et j’ai décidé de le faire avec un robot. J’ai reçu une très jolie lettre d’acceptation (et qui a fait le tour d’internet) au Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship.
This summer, at the end of July, I was selected to make the streets of Paris happier, and I decided to do it with a robot. I received a very nice letter of acceptance in the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship.

Je vais prendre en photo et filmer ce que j’ai dessiné à la craie ou la peinture, ça dépend, le projet n’est pas encore terminé. Il y aura une exposition à la Mairie de Paris le 7 septembre où seront exposés les oeuvres des autres personnes, car il n’y a pas que moi qui participe. Je ferai mon anniversaire en même temps je vous invite tous. Merci de me dire si vous serez là en commentaire et indiquez-moi votre prénom.
I’m going to photograph and film what I drew in chalk or paint, it depends, the project is not yet finished. There will be an exhibition at the Paris City Hall on September 7 where the works of others will be exposed because there is not just me involved. I will make my birthday at the same time I invite everyone. Thank you tell me if you will be there to comment and tell me your name.

Vu que mon projet n’est pas encore parfait il y aura plein de personnes qui vont m’aider comme Barbara Belvisi (Fondatrice du Hardware Club), Bertier Luyt (Président de Maker Faire Paris), Christophe Barraud (Président de Mobysa, la boite qui fabrique Thymio), Christos Kozyrakis (Prof de “Electrical engineering and computer science” à Stanford) et Mathilde Berchon (Manager, Techshop.)
Since my project is not perfect yet there will be plenty of people who will help me as Barbara Belvisi (Founder’s Hardware Club), Bertier Luyt (President of Maker Faire Paris), Christophe Barraud (President Mobysa, the box which manufactures Thymio), Christos Kozyrakis (Prof of “Electrical engineering and computer science” at Stanford) and Mathilde Berchon (Manager, TechShop.)

Je vous raconterais.
I’ll tell you.


Voici la très jolie lettre en anglais que j’ai reçue:
Here is the very nice letter:

Letter to the 10-year-old girl who applied to the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship

This will make your day, I promise. Eva, a 10-year-old, applied to our summer fellowship program amidst mostly computer science Phds and seasoned urban designers. A summary of her pitch: “The streets of Paris are sad. I want to build a robot that will make them happy again. I’ve already starting learning how to code on Thymio robots, but I have trouble making it work. I want to join the program so the mentors can help me.” Here is my reply to her. Dear Eva, The answer is yes. You have been selected as one of Paris’ first-ever Summer Innovation Fellows among an impressive pool of candidates from all across the world: accomplished urban designers, data scientists and hardware specialists. I love your project and agree that more should be done–through robotics or otherwise–to improve Paris’ streets and make them smile again. I am writing to you personally because your application inspired me. There was nothing on the website that said the program was open to 10 year olds but–as you must have noticed–nothing that said that it was not. You’ve openly told us that you had trouble making the robot work on your own and needed help. That was a brave thing to admit, and ultimately what convinced us to take on your project. Humility and the willingness to learn in order to go beyond our current limitations are at the heart and soul of innovation. It is my hope that your work on robotics will encourage more young girls all over the world–not just to code, but to be as brave as you, in asking for help and actively looking for different ways to learn and grow. More good news: I wrote to Thymio, the robotics company whose tech you use and asked if they could designate a specialist to personally help you. They have decided that that person will be their President himself. They will also be providing you their latest robot. Welcome aboard our spaceship, Eva. We’re very much looking forward to meeting you in person. All the best from Paris, Kat Borlongan Founding Partner, Five by Five


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